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@_5SOSNEWS_: If I meet 5SOS again I need to touch luke’s legs, michael’s hair, ashton’s fingers, and calum’s d**k

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Things being thrown at Harry on stage

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austin and ally challenge: 5 favorite performances [1/5] » steal your heart

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Anonymous asked:
I get so MAD when people say Ashton is a jerk in real life. No, I have met ashton, around January of last year when I was in a bad place. I was a serious cutter (I cut my body badly) and had been hospitalized at least nine times for it. So I bumped into Ashton in the street (can I add, I actually did not know who 5sos was then, so he was just a regular person to me!) and I was crying hysterially because I just relapsed in the school bathroom and was running home. He stopped me and he said to me,


…”Hey love are you okay?” and I was like “yeah, yeah I’m fine” and he looked down at the exposed part of my wrist that was still freshly cut and he just grabbed my arm and said “please don’t do this, please it’s not the answer” and i said “i don’t know if i can stop” and he bought me starbucks, sat me down for twenty minutes of his time and told me how “it gets better” and how “i can do it” and he drew this heart and butterfly beside each other on my wrists, and he said, “this is just a reminder”

….of my words to stay strong and pass through.” i know who he is now, one year later. (also, i have been clean for 9 months). So i owe my life, my well rounded self to this boy, Ashton Irwin. The boy who took twenty minutes out of his day to buy a stranger coffee and make them feel better under all costs, and he didn’t even know me, and I didn’t even know him. :)

oh my gosh this is the cutest sweetest thing ive heard ashton is so wonderful

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Is this real life?


Is this real life?

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@Harry_Styles: Upside down for what.

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ross + keek videos

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Zayn's selfies can't stop getting better and closer

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(✿ ♥‿♥)

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5 Seconds of Summer - Alternative Press | September 2014

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I wish that I could wake up with amnesia >> Ashton Irwin (x)

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